Taking It Off/
Taking It Off
With cameras documenting all the real life drama, these ordinary people grapple with often extraordinary circumstances while striving to...More
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Crossing Over with John Edward
John Edward is one of the world’s foremost psychic mediums. His riveting TV series is the first psychic show to use a talk-show format,...More
Starting Over/
Starting Over
This daytime reality series follows an ever-changing group of diverse and captivating women as they attempt to make extraordinary changes in...More
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Modern Love
A sexy and entertaining look at remarkable individuals who are forging new relationship trends in the 21st century. The award-winning...More

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Jul 2, 2015

Osteoporosis is a challenge that many of us face as we enter our Wisdom Years. There are so many risk factors that could predispose us to fractures of weak and brittle bones, but the good news is that it’s never … Continue reading

Jun 30, 2015

A diagnosis of any chronic condition is devastating and very stressful. With a diagnosis of MS, we learn that the immune system is in a state of disharmony with the body and this shows up in a variety of challenging symptoms. … Continue reading

Cutting Carbs - Lift Your Paleo Diet Out of the Stone Age
Jun 23, 2015

An adjustment or two to your Paleo diet plan will keep you from losing too much water and maintaining good fibre intake. Continue reading