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Long distance, strong feelings, nerves. Couples in elove are crazy about each other before they’ve even met. Making the leap from clicking on-line to meeting in person is a heart-stopping, nerve-wracking experience. elove charts the high hopes and worst fears leading up to the initial face-to-face meeting and follows the emotional ups and downs of the couple’s first days together.


EPISODE #2-17 

Sal meets her online boyfriend, Brian – an Irish Elvis impersonator – in Dublin. How will she react to his ultimate girlfriend test of a surprise Elvis show at a local club?

EPISODE #2-18 

Chris and Georgie’s strong feelings for each other are put to the test when Chris doesn’t receive his passport in time to visit her in London. Georgie takes matters into her own hands.

EPISODE #2-19 

TV writer Veronica flies from Canada to Australia to meet fellow single parent Steve after months of steamy cyber dating – but can Steve handle the pressure of turning their relationship into a physical one?

EPISODE #2-20 

Elaine, a Calgarian cowgirl, flies to Edinburgh, Scotland, where she spends a passionate first night with her cyber boyfriend Martin. But his refusal to share his true feelings put a damper on the weekend.

EPISODE #2-21 

Tina, who left an arranged marriage 14 years ago, hopes she’s found Mr. Right in her Internet boyfriend Dwight. But during their first meeting in Quebec City, frigid temperatures lead to heated arguments.

EPISODE #2-22 

American Julie hops on a plane to meet Londoner Simon after chatting online with him for only 6 weeks. The two spend a fun weekend together, with Simon’s dream of moving to the U.S. never far from their minds.

EPISODE #2-23 

Recently separated Christal is eager to start a family, and is instantly smitten with her Internet love when they meet in Chicago – so much that she asks commitment-shy Fred about their future together.

EPISODE #2-24 

Toby, of Bournemouth, England, is passionate about two things: gardening and his Internet girlfriend Virginia, a Florida bartender. He flies to the U.S. to meet her, and feelings blossom.

EPISODE #2-25 

Jason flies from South Carolina to Edmonton to meet Danielle, a 23-year-old single mom. After a fun weekend together at West Edmonton Mall, they seriously discuss their future.

EPISODE #2-26 

Busy single parents Tracy and Craig hit it off online and are eager to test their feelings in person. Tracy flies from England to Santa Barbara for a fun, romantic weekend with Craig.

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