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Healthy Home

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Hosted by Tamara Stanners, Healthy Home highlights innovative people and ideas, offering accessible ways to make your home a healthier place to be. Informative and inspiring, it showcases beautiful homes, practical projects, and compelling stories about people who are taking on the challenge of improving the quality of their home lives.


EPISODE #1-1 | Wednesday, July 9

Meet a couple who pioneered alternative energy sources in their home; Dave Hutch shows how to reduce stress with an urban garden; a gardening expert explains how to keep a healthy lawn without pesticides; and members of Quayside Cohousing Village show the benefits of sharing their homes and lives.

EPISODE #1-2 | Thursday, July 10

Urban home “harvesters”, a healthy stripper, greener and cleaner indoor air, and planting flowers for community peace.

EPISODE #1-3 | Friday, July 11

Tamara Stanners hosts a look at a beautiful rammed earth home, a therapeutic water garden, “dirt cheap” building with cob and examines the beauty miracles of mud.

EPISODE #1-4 | Saturday, July 12

Tamara invites us into a couple’s straw bale Saanich sanctuary, watches Feng Shui practitioner Rhea Peake transform a living room, introduces us to healthy homemade cosmetics, and visits Grandview Elementary School’s gardening habitat.

EPISODE #1-5 | Sunday, July 13

Allergen-free homes; dust mites and how to reduce their numbers in your home; hypo-allergenic linens; and a good, old Canadian family reunion!

EPISODE #1-6 | Monday, July 14

Herbal gardens and their benefits; home-made herbal salves; and natural healing with former Olympic rower Linda Schaumleffel.

EPISODE #1-7 | Tuesday, July 15

Today: Floating homes, aquascapes, healing with pets, and a long-awaited wedding ceremony for a traditional couple.

EPISODE #1-8 | Wednesday, July 16

Design for living, growing organic foods on your balcony, avoiding food poisoning at home and a woman’s story about the challenges of raising twins.

EPISODE #1-9 | Thursday, July 17

A Tuscan farmhouse in British Columbia; how to make lavender jelly; proper massage techniques; and one couple’s fight to renovate a diamond-in-the-rough.

EPISODE #1-10 | Friday, July 18

A tour of renowned author Denise Linn’s home, creating a home spa, why daily rituals are good for you and a neighbourhood’s quest to get to know each other with a good old fashioned block party.

EPISODE #1-11 | Saturday, July 19

The benefits of working at home, wind chimes as a stress reduction tool, clean air solutions, and bringing home baby: how to plan and enjoy bringing home your first child.

EPISODE #1-12 | Sunday, July 20

A Cape Cod renovation, healthy candles made at home, non-toxic paint choices and a personal portrait of a family who has just moved an elderly parent into a long-term care facility.

EPISODE #1-13 | Monday, July 21

Geomancing your home, creating your own meditation space, the dangers of the wrong water filter and the benefits of home-schooling your children.

EPISODE #2-1 | Tuesday, July 22

Small is beautiful in Vermont, transform your dorm room, full-spectrum lighting ideas and building relationships with your builder.

EPISODE #2-2 | Wednesday, July 23

Two bachelors move in together; an eco-friendly home in Vermont; designing a healthy home office; and making your home safe.

EPISODE #2-3 | Thursday, July 24

A Vermont architect showcases his treehouse home.  Also:  simmering potpourri on your stove, decluttering your home, and advice on buying a healthy and eco-friendly home.

EPISODE #2-4 | Friday, July 25

Designing your home to bring back your focus and balance, tabletop fountains for relaxation, healthy vapor barriers and keeping the in-laws close to home but independent.

EPISODE #2-5 | Saturday, July 26

An IKEA apartment makeover helps one couple keep their sanity; save money and have a healthier home by making your own cleaning supplies; choosing the healthiest insulation for your new home.

EPISODE #2-6 | Sunday, July 27

The good, the bad and the ugly: the truth behind ionizers and air filters; Healthy Home battles the flesh-eating dust mites in your pillows; organic paint that won’t make you faint.

EPISODE #2-7 | Monday, July 28

Too much information: can you use the Internet to find reliable answers to healthcare concerns? Also on today’s show: Designing for your senses and the miracle of Miso.

EPISODE #2-8 | Tuesday, July 29

Customizing your living space to fit your life and style, squeezing fitness into your daily routine and smart ways to childproof your home.

EPISODE #2-9 | Wednesday, July 30

Profile of a Toronto contractor who turned his home into a wilderness getaway in the middle of the city; rock climbing your way to fitness, revamping your medicine cabinet, and a Tuscan garden in the Fraser Valley.

EPISODE #2-10 | Thursday, July 31

A Bel-Air doctor and his spiritual sanctuary, the mystery of the Labyrinth, healthy beds and keeping your kids close to home with home renovations.

EPISODE #2-11 | Friday, August 1

Winner of Canada’s Healthy Housing Design Competition, creative desserts with tofu, how to buy a healthy carpet and designing for your future.

EPISODE #2-12 | Saturday, August 2

Lighting up your life: creative use of light; seasonal affective disorder and colour therapy.

EPISODE #2-13 | Sunday, August 3

Little house in L.A., privacy screens, the healthy way to cover your floor, and building a home gym.

EPISODE #3-1 | Monday, August 4

Building a flex house for future comfort, new housing development says no to manicured lawns and vinyl siding, and how to increase your walking.

EPISODE #3-2 | Tuesday, August 5

Fire Hall reno, forest friendly home building, renovating heritage homes to help humanity, and coordinating your colours with the past.

EPISODE #3-3 | Wednesday, August 6

A west-coast mountain hideaway, garden therapy for burn victims, small is beautiful and adding stress-busters to your regular routine.

EPISODE #3-4 | Thursday, August 7

Envirohome, reducing heating costs in an inefficient heritage home, detecting air leaks, and buying the right energy-efficient appliances.

EPISODE #3-5 | Friday, August 8

A challenging building project, a resourceful renovator and how to hire the right contractor.

EPISODE #3-6 | Saturday, August 9

Building a house with straw, flushing money down the toilet, and saving money with fluorescent light bulbs.

EPISODE #3-7 | Sunday, August 10

Waterfront living; a country home in the city; living off the land; and heating your pool with solar energy.

EPISODE #3-8 | Monday, August 11

Turning an overgrown ravine into a dream space; building an urban roof oasis.

EPISODE #3-9 | Tuesday, August 12

Choosing new windows for your home and fine-tuning humidity levels for better health.

EPISODE #3-10 | Wednesday, August 13

Geothermal heating, a unique sewage treatment plant and a look at how straw is becoming a great resource for home builders.

EPISODE #3-11 | Thursday, August 14

Transforming a heritage home to fit a modern lifestyle, the green team challenge and weighing the pros and cons of heating systems to maximize efficiency.

EPISODE #3-12 | Friday, August 15

The challenges of building a house only 12 feet wide, how to quakeproof your home, preventing dangerous gas leaks and an innovative new program that pairs gardeners without a garden with a homeowner in need of some gardening TLC.

EPISODE #3-13 | Saturday, August 16

New innovations in flexible housing across Canada.

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