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Celebrating its Sweet Sixteen in 2015, ideacity continues its legacy as Canada’s premiere meeting of the minds. Hosted and produced by Moses Znaimer, the world’s top intellectuals and agitators share their insights on how to approach and improve the world. This year, the list of presenters includ Man in Motion Rick Hansen, Yoga teacher Deborah Devine, media baron Conrad Black, celebrity chef Bob Blummer, and anti-aging researcher Dr. Aubrey de Grey.

EPISODE 1: David Steinberg
Monday, July 20
David Steinberg has been constructing puzzles since he was twelve and is the second-youngest constructor to be published in The New York Times under Will Shortz’s editorship. Now eighteen, he has published more than 170 puzzles in the Times, other markets, and books and has been the crossword editor of the Orange County Register’sassociated newspapers since 2012.

EPISODE 2: Rick Hansen
Tuesday, July 21
Rick Hansen is CEO of the Rick Hansen Foundation and a passionate advocate for people with disabilities in Canada and around the world. As well as being a celebrated Paralympic athlete, Rick is best known for the Man In Motion World Tour, his epic two-year journey to push his wheelchair around the globe.

EPISODE 3: Simcha Jacobovici
Wednesday, July 22
Simcha Jacobovici is a three-time Emmy-winning Canadian-Israeli documentary filmmaker and a New York Times best selling author. For months, his most recent book The Lost Gospel: Decoding the Ancient Text that Reveals Jesus’ Marriage to Mary the Magdalene (co-authored with Professor Barrie Wilson) has topped the Amazon charts in the category of history and religion.

EPISODE 4: Dr. David Jenkins
Thursday, July 23
Educated at Oxford University, Dr. Jenkins is currently a professor in both the Departments of Nutritional Sciences and Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. He believes in the value of plant based diets, and that a major effort is required to mount large studies to determine the extent of their health benefits.

EPISODE 5: Liz Primeau
Friday, July 24
Liz Primeau spent more than 30 years as a writer and editor for many Canadian magazines. Liz is a lifelong gardener and garlic eater, but growing it gave her new respect for the humble orb and resulted in a book, In Pursuit of Garlic: An Intimate Look at the Divinely Odorous Bulb.

EPISODE 6: Dr. Amy Lehman
Saturday, July 25
Amy G. Lehman, MD, MBA, is the founder and CEO of the Lake Tanganyika Floating Health Clinic (LTFHC)/WAVE. The LTFHC is an international organization addressing the problem of health care access for millions of people who live in the isolated, but strategically critical Lake Tanganyika Basin/Great Lakes region of Central Africa.

EPISODE 7: Kevin Bales
Sunday, July 26
Going undercover to meet slaves and slaveholders, Kevin Bales exposed how modern slavery penetrates the global economy and flows into the things we buy in his book Disposable People – named by the Association of British Universities as one of “100 World-Changing Discoveries.”

EPISODE 8: Tim Clark
Monday, July 27
Tim Clark has been one of the faces and voices of The Old Farmer’s Almanac since 1979, doing interviews on radio and TV stations across the U.S. and Canada. A graduate of Harvard, where he took classes in folklore and mythology, he has put his studies to work by writing articles on folk remedies for everything from the common cold to baldness.

EPISODE 9: Simon Garfield
Tuesday, July 28
Simon Garfield is the author of 16 acclaimed books of non-fiction including Mauve, Our Hidden Lives and To The Letter. His study of Aids in Britain, The End of Innocence, won the Somerset Maugham prize, while Just My Type and On The Map were New York Times bestsellers.

EPISODE 10: Dr. Olga Kovalchuk
Wednesday, July 29
Dr. Kovalchuk is an expert in radiation biology, oncology and epigenetics. She is a co-founder of the Canada Cancer and Aging Research Laboratories, a research and development company offering a personalized approach to cancer treatment.


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