Starting Over

Starting Over

Daily | 4 & 8pm ET/1 & 5pm PT

From the producers of The Real World, comes Starting Over. This daytime reality series follows an ever-changing group of diverse and captivating women as they attempt to make extraordinary changes in their lives – all while living under the same roof.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: (April 21, 2014) We hope you’ve been enjoying Starting Over on ONE and we’ve been presenting an encore of Season 2 throughout the summer. A huge, new batch of episodes that will take viewers into Season 3 is about to premiere on Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2014! Enjoy and thanks for watching!

Whether they are trapped in a dead-end career, unable to take the steps to find new love after a failed relationship, buried in debt, or just need to kick start their life, this is their chance to start over. Led and instructed by life coaches Rhoda Britten and Iylana Vanzant, the women in the house participate in a variety of exercises and assignments that often prompt the sort of epiphanies and momentous realizations that inspire the home viewer to appraise their own life’s direction with the same thoughtfulness and vigor.


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