Supernatural Investigator

Supernatural Investigator

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Canada’s premiere science fiction author, Robert J. Sawyer follows the search for the truth behind so-called supernatural phenomena. From reincarnation to alien abduction, where does fact end and fiction begin?



EPISODE #1-1 | 

Does the Antichrist walk among us? As society grows in technological sophistication and further away from religion, the notion of the Antichrist is very much alive and well in our modern world.

EPISODE #1-2 | 

Are we alone in the universe? This documentary examines the work of SETI – the search for intelligent life in the universe, explores the notion of intelligence in the universe with a Vatican astronomer, and follows the progress of the Mars Polar mission.

EPISODE #1-3 | 

Examines the life and mysterious death of internationally renowned Canadian journalist and author, Joe Fisher. His quest to prove reincarnation and communication with the dead raises many questions about death, the afterlife and the existence of demons. Part 1 of 2.

EPISODE #1-4 | 

Examines the life and mysterious death of internationally renowned Canadian journalist and author, Joe Fisher. His quest to prove reincarnation and communication with the dead raises many questions about death, the afterlife and the existence of demons. Part 2 of 2.

EPISODE #1-5 | 

Early19th century archeologists discovered life-sized crystal skulls that show consistencies with Mayan art and culture. Scientists believe it would have taken centuries of labor for the ancient Mayans’ to create such artifacts with available technology. Are they authentic or an elaborate hoax?

EPISODE #1-6 | 

Is reincarnation possible? Our investigator puts two remarkable cases of reincarnation under the spotlight and to the test with the latest research methods.

EPISODE #1-7 | 

Explores whether thousands of people who had no connection to the 911 attacks somehow knew it was going to happen.

EPISODE #1-8 | 

During the Cold War the US government developed a technique to utilize ESP as tool for espionage called “Remote Viewing”. Our investigator explores 30 years of controversial evidence to discover if it’s real or just trickery.

EPISODE #1-9 | 

Can someone harness evil to harm others? Does the recipient need to believe in the curse to be affected by it? Our investigator explores the dark recesses of the occult to shed some light on the most dreaded form of magic.

EPISODE #1-10 | 

Our investigator explores the murky and mysterious world of Chaos Magic, a no holds barred approach to sorcery for the new age.

EPISODE #1-11 | 

Obsessed with the after-life, Houdini passed on clues to his wife and inner-circle of trusted friends as to how he would certainly contact them on Halloween, the anniversary of his death, if he did discover there was life after death.

EPISODE #1-12 | 

Haunted by a profound encounter with a malevolent entity, documentary filmmaker Adam Gray sets out on a global investigation of a terrifying experience that erupts in epidemics, causes PTSD, and even death.

EPISODE #1-13 | 

The planners and builders of Washington DC were passionate about what they were doing. But what were they doing? Can symbols long associated with the occult and ancient mystery schools be part of the world’s largest open and free democracy?

EPISODE #1-14 | 

An exposé of neuro linguistic programming (NLP), a form of unconscious seduction. It’s a world of clandestine workshops, hypnotic trickery and unexplainable mind control techniques.

EPISODE #1-15 | 

Bimini, home of sunken architecture off the coast of Florida, may be the cultural centre of a lost civilization whose magical and mystical powers still haunt the region; a hidden history yet to be told.

EPISODE #1-16 | 

Our investigator takes us deep inside this mysterious and complex world of astrology, meeting skeptics as well as celebrities, politicians and financiers who swear by their astrologers. Can the position of celestial bodies influence earthly affairs?

EPISODE #1-17 | 

With startling physical evidence, hypnosis tapes, and a mysterious interstellar map, our investigator retraces the 1961 journey of Barney and Betty Hill who claim they were abducted by aliens.

EPISODE #2-1 | 

Our investigator explores the world of Fortune Telling. Putting herself in the position of seeker, she meets with various psychics and soothsayers to determine if there is indeed a way to tell the future.

EPISODE #2-2 | 

Is there a presence guiding us to safety when we most need it? Or is it a function of our brains to guide us through the most terrifying experiences? Either way, someone is looking out for us. But who?

EPISODE #2-3 | 

Our investigator goes in search of luck. She defines what it is and whether we can affect our own luck and take control of our lives.

EPISODE #2-4 | 

Our investigator speaks to families who have experienced the poltergeist phenomenon and a psychiatrist who treats families who are experiencing poltergeist activity.

EPISODE #2-5 | 

Are coincidences simply a coinciding of unrelated events, things and thoughts? Or could these intriguing occurrences hold deeper meaning? Our investigator, a psychic and expert in things paranormal has experienced a string of these unexplained events.  She leads us on a journey to discover if there are meaningful patterns to be gleaned.

EPISODE #3-1 | 

Tom Harpur always dismissed the ideas of mediums and reincarnations, until he visited Lily Dale, New York and discovered the research of Gary F. Schwartz and Linda Russek – which suggests that a person’s consciousness survives physical death.

EPISODE #3-2 | 

Our investigator explores the dark side of the near death experience.

EPISODE #3-3 | 

If the dead can hear us, can they talk back? Our investigator breaks through to the other side.

EPISODE #3-4 | 

If miracles are real, what can we do to attract them? Our investigator goes on a journey to look for miracles in the modern world.

 EPISODE #3-5 | 

Are aliens here to save us from ourselves? Or are we an endless supply of intergalactic lab rats? Our investigator explores the alien agenda.

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