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Healing Yoga for Parkinsons 600

How Healing Yoga Offers Help for Parkinson’s

As the yoga master BKS Iyengar tells us, “Yoga cures what need not be endured, and helps us endure what cannot be cured.” Yoga is an ideal complement to your self-care plan for your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing if … Continue reading

Psychic Sally 600x338

Psychic Sally Morgan Brings Life to Her Conversations with the Dead

If the word ‘paranormal’ makes your mind leap to horror films, you’re probably not alone, but it’s not the Hollywood version of otherworldly activity that traveling psychic Sally Morgan brings to the table (or more often than not, the stage). … Continue reading

Padma Yoga

Are We Living For Quantity Or Quality?

by Padma Recently, a very dear friend of mine left his fine, tired body. I’ve been meditating deeply, being with him in the eternal space of our pure existence. I know that the space of his love will stay forever … Continue reading


Yoga and Life

by Padma A dear friend of mine has the Sanskrit word Mrityunjai tattooed across his left chest. The word means “victorious over death.” This friend is a true yogi, someone who has faced death, and knows for himself that death … Continue reading


CARP to Host Liberal Leadership Forum Webcast and Broadcast

As the last month of the Federal Liberal Party Leadership race heats up, our colleagues at CARP are preparing to ask candidates to tell us where they stand and what their plans are regarding issues that are of particular interest … Continue reading

Protect Your Vision - Thank You For Your Support!

Calling All ONE Viewers: Help VisionTV Stay On Basic Cable

UPDATE – FEB. 28, 2013: VisionTV’s Protect Your Vision intervention campaign has now wrapped up. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere and heartfelt thanks to ONE/VisionTV viewers and advocates for lending your support to our … Continue reading

February Heart Month Photo: (c) iStockphoto/MKurtbas

Keeping The Beat: It’s Healthy Heart Month on The Brand New ONE

It’s the centre of our physical universe, feeding and keeping our organs alive like planets depending upon light from the sun. It’s rarely wavering beat soldiering on, constantly keeping time and keeping the rhythm of all of our other bodily … Continue reading

Wave erasing 2012 with 2013 foreground (c) iStockPhoto/A-S-L

Hitting The January Reset Button with the Brand New ONE

It’s the start of a new year full of best intentions, bright possibilities and the promise of new beginnings. Most of us enter each new year with a long list of ways and means in which we plan to be … Continue reading

Padma Yoga

Winter Meditation

by Padma Winter months can be dark, cold, and long, and there are practices that can support us through these months, keeping us in good balance energetically and mentally. When we are in balance we’re happy and we feel contented. … Continue reading

November is Diabetes Awareness Month on the Brand New ONE Photo: (c) iStockPhoto/blackred

November is Diabetes Awareness Month on the Brand New ONE

It’s silent, stealthy, very potentially lethal and an estimated one in three people who have it aren’t even aware that they do. What is it? Diabetes. The chronic condition that develops when the body can’t make any or enough insulin, … Continue reading