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Thanksgiving Dinner by Stacey Spensley

ONE’s Favourite (Healthy) Thanksgiving Dishes Won’t Leave You Feeling Stuffed

Even though the turkey usually takes centre stage on your Thanksgiving table, these healthy sides will add just the right kick. Continue reading

ONE FOR ALL Freeview - Sept/Oct 2014

Refresh, Rejuvenate and Transform: ONE’s Free Preview Feeds Mind, Body and Soul

Discover the fantastic, inspiring programs on ONE with a free channel preview throughout Sept. & Oct. Transform yourself! Continue reading

Healing Yoga with Deborah Devine

Rejuvenate and Restore with Healing Yoga’s Deborah Devine

Through the gentle, restorative practices of ONE’s new Healing Yoga series, Deborah Devine is helping Zoomers gain more mobility, freedom from pain and peace in general. Continue reading

Cooking With Collins Contest - Raincoast Books

Cooking With Collins Contest


Yogi Cameron - A Model Guru

Find Balance and Enlightenment with Yogi Cameron

After a career as a high fashion model, Yogi Cameron emerged from the materialistic world of runways and photo spreads to find a more meaningful life for himself – one defined by the qualities of the mind and spirit rather … Continue reading

Living With The Dead: Ian Lawman (left), Johnnie Fiori (right)

Confronting Otherworldly – and Unwelcome – Guests on Living With The Dead

If you’ve ever been kept awake at night by unexplained sounds, or plagued by an eerie sensation in the halls of your home, the combined psychic experience of the Living with the Dead experts could provide answers to otherwise confounding … Continue reading

Psychic Sally 600x338

Psychic Sally Morgan Brings Life to Her Conversations with the Dead

If the word ‘paranormal’ makes your mind leap to horror films, you’re probably not alone, but it’s not the Hollywood version of otherworldly activity that traveling psychic Sally Morgan brings to the table (or more often than not, the stage). … Continue reading

Padma Yoga

Are We Living For Quantity Or Quality?

by Padma Recently, a very dear friend of mine left his fine, tired body. I’ve been meditating deeply, being with him in the eternal space of our pure existence. I know that the space of his love will stay forever … Continue reading

June is Ageless Beauty Month - What's The Alternative - Women's Fitness Class

Defy Gravity and Age Gracefully With ONE: June is Ageless Beauty Month

Can things get better with age? It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. We may include the obvious answers on the list, such as fine wine, Roquefort cheese, and of course George Clooney – but do you include yourself in … Continue reading


Yoga and Life

by Padma A dear friend of mine has the Sanskrit word Mrityunjai tattooed across his left chest. The word means “victorious over death.” This friend is a true yogi, someone who has faced death, and knows for himself that death … Continue reading